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Vitamin C Supports Collagen Production

Without vitamin C, your body wouldn’t be able to make collagen. Collagen is vital for nearly all your body’s systems, which means vitamin C is super important for healthy skin, bones, muscles, and much more!

1. Vitamin C helps produce collagen.
Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients involved in synthesizing collagen, the main structural protein in your body. For example, your skin is mostly collagen, and collagen also makes up much of your muscles, bones, and connective tissue [1].


2. Vitamin C supports skin health.
The main way vitamin C helps keep your skin strong and healthy is through its role in helping to produce collagen. Collagen gives your skin that youthful elasticity, helps keep it hydrated, and is also vital for wound healing! In fact, getting enough vitamin C is crucial to all phases of wound healing [2].


Vitamin C also helps support skin health by fighting oxidative stress. As mentioned, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which means it both helps prevent cellular damage in the skin AND helps the skin heal and regenerate after it’s been damaged by things like the sun’s UV rays or pollutants. 


3. Vitamin C keeps your eyes healthy.
Collagen is found in the cornea of the eye and is also a main component of your eyeball’s surface [3]. Because vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, getting enough vitamin C can help keep your eyes healthy! Vitamin C also helps keep your eyes healthy by fighting free radicals and lowering your risk of developing cataracts [4].


4. Vitamin C supports bone and joint health.
Collagen makes up much of your bones and joints, keeping them functioning smoothly [5]. Without enough collagen, bones can break more easily, joints can become stiff, and movement can be difficult or painful. By controlling collagen production, vitamin C directly affects your bone and joint health.

Your teeth and gums also need collagen-producing vitamin C! Ok, so your teeth are not actually part of your bones, but just like your bones, they also depend on collagen to remain strong and healthy. Cementum, one of the deeper layers surrounding the root of each tooth, is partly made of collagen, and collagen also helps hold your teeth firmly in place [6]. Another way vitamin C is important for oral health is that it helps keep your gums healthy and lowers your risk of developing periodontal disease [7]


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