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Vitamin C Supports Cognitive Health

In addition to its many other benefits, vitamin is specifically useful for preserving normal mental function. Read on to learn more!

1. Vitamin C supports brain health.
Getting enough vitamin C is vital for brain health, as this little vitamin helps maintain normal neurological function [1]. Oxidative stress isn’t just a result of harmful environmental factors, but can also occur as your cells carry out their normal day-to-day functions, including your brain cells. Oxidative stress is particularly harmful to the brain, and vitamin C accumulates in brain tissue to fight oxidative stress and keep your brain happy and healthy [1]! This means it’s super important to get enough vitamin C on a daily basis, especially as this vitamin is water-soluble and needs to be continually replenished in your body.


2. Vitamin C helps with cognitive function.
That feeling of “brain fog” is probably one of the most common woes of the modern age, as many of us constantly jump from one task to the next without enough rest, and with suboptimal diets to boot. Now, any chronic stressor—like too little sleep or a poor diet—essentially raises inflammation levels in the body, and these higher levels of inflammation are directly related to worsened cognitive function and impaired memory [2], [3], [4]. In other words: brain fog. 


Fortunately, this is something Vitamin C can help with! As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can help lower chronic inflammation by fighting oxidative stress [6]. Lower inflammation levels mean healthier cognitive function, and indeed, people with higher concentrations of vitamin C in their blood show better “attention, focus, working memory, decision speed, delayed and total recall, and recognition” than people who are vitamin C deficient [7].


3. Vitamin C helps maintain mental function as you age.
High levels of oxidative stress are not only associated with short-term cognitive impairment like worsened memory, but can also lead to long-term cognitive decline, including the development of diseases like Alzhemier’s and dementia [8]. As an oxidative stress-fighting superhero, vitamin C helps you maintain normal mental function and can even reduce the risk of developing cognitive issues as you age [9], [10]!


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