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Social Responsibility

We are committed to being socially responsible at every step.

Promoting Education

In tandem with sustainably sourcing our acacias from Senegal’s Ferlo region, we support local schools by providing them with textbooks and school equipment.

Additionally, we award grants to many university students in the region, allowing them to continue their postgraduate studies in Europe so they may seize the brightest occupational prospects in Senegal.

Aside from improving learning outcomes, well-equipped schools promote stability, strengthen existing societal structures, and give children the chance to build a promising future.

Social Responsibility - Acazen Akaziengummi Tisch Afrika

Medical Care

While Dakar has one of the best healthcare systems in West Africa, the quality and availability of medical care declines greatly outside larger cities. Trained medical professionals and quality medical equipment are often lacking in such regions.

To ensure that our employees, as well as the locals, have access to good medical care, we opened a clinic in the area where we grow acacias in the Ferlo region in Senegal.

Free Clinic

The clinic offers its services free of charge, mainly to people unable to travel long distances to the nearest medical centre, due to their age or family responsibilities.

Along with elderly people and children, it is mainly women who benefit from the local healthcare services. These women now have the opportunity to access previously inaccessible essential medical services.

Supporting the Region

The rural area where our acacia plots are located is very dry and far above sea level. Access to clean water is therefore not always guaranteed for the local population.

In 2004, because of this situation, we made an important contribution to ensuring that local communities have permanent access to potable water.

Dependable infrastructure is important for any region. To improve local infrastructure, we have renovated old school buildings and built sanitary facilities.

Organic Acacia Fibre Powder (300g Can)

100% plant-based high-fibre dietary supplement. Acacia gum consists of essential plant fibre contributing to the recommended daily dose of fibre, supporting a healthy diet.

Social Responsibility - Acazen Mono Can 1