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Good for your Gut, Good for the Planet

If you’ve tried ACAZEN fibre, you know that it does wonders for your gut health, but did you know ACAZEN is good for the planet too? From sourcing our ingredients to packaging our products, we make sure that sustainable production and social responsibility are at the heart of everything we do.

Acacia Gum: Where it All Starts

The main ingredient in all our products, our acacia gum is sustainably sourced from our organic farms in Senegal. It all starts with the acacia tree seeds, which are sorted by hand, then carefully dried. Seedlings are raised for three months and then planted during the rainy season. As they say, “good things take time”, and it can take up to five years for an acacia tree to be mature enough before it’s ready for harvest!

Acacia trees are “tapped” for their resin, which causes golden sap to ooze out of the tree. The sap hardens into coarse granules, which we then manually collect for processing. This type of harvesting ensures the trees stay healthy so that they can acacia gum multiple times a year. This is not only important for ACAZEN, but for the planet, too! Acacia trees have an enormously beneficial effect on the environment and on the communities that care for them. A hardy species, acacia trees are amazing at pulling up water and nutrients from deep within the soil—deeper than most plants can reach! This benefits the surrounding plants, improves soil health, and curbs desertification. The trees also provide vital habitat for many animal and insect species. Learn more about how sustainable acacia cultivation helps improve the environment and people’s lives.


Caring for the trees and producing acacia gum provides meaningful employment for our workers, but ACAZEN goes beyond that. To ensure an enriched quality of life for our workers and their families—especially women and children—we make sure to provide access to educational opportunities, quality healthcare, and vital infrastructure. From supporting local Senegalese schools to opening free local health clinics, we’re committed to supporting the people at the heart of our work. 


Aside from being sustainably produced and meeting the highest quality standards, all our acacia gum is certified organic by CERTISYS, an inspection and certification body specializing in organic products.

Packaging and Delivery

We’re committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible, which is why we went the extra mile to ensure that our packaging is kind to the earth. All ACAZEN Chocolate products are packaged with FSC-certified paper. This ensures that, aside from being 100% recyclable, the paper itself is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Our chocolates are also wrapped with 100% compostable foil, which means you can add it to your home compost pile where it will naturally degrade to form rich organic soil!


Also, if you order our products from within Germany, you can rest assured that we use carbon-neutral delivery services. Our delivery service provider GLS is committed to 100% climate-neutral delivery via emissions offsetting.


ACAZEN is committed to being good for your gut AND the planet because we recognize that you can’t have one without the other. This means we’re always looking for ways to be more socially responsible, reduce waste, and protect our precious planet. 


Have any suggestions on how we can do even better? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

Organic Fine Milk Chocolate

Organic Fine Milk Chocolate

ACAZEN organic fine milk chocolate bars are bursting with rich chocolate-y notes and hints of ripe fruit. Sweetened with whole date powder, our chocolates are naturally sweet without any refined sugar! All our chocolates are also fortified with ACAZEN fibre for an extra gut health boost.

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