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Get to Know Acazen Chocolate

ACAZEN chocolate promises a luxurious chocolate experience truly in a class of its own. Bursting with deep chocolate notes and hints of fruity flavour, our organic fine milk chocolate is sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings while delivering the ultimate guilt-free, good-for-you chocolate experience! In this article, go behind the scenes to discover what makes ACAZEN chocolate one of a kind.

Our Premium Ingredients

Pick up a bar of ACAZEN chocolate, and you’ll notice that our chocolate is labelled fine milk chocolate, which is the first hint that this chocolate is something special. “Fine” indicates a high cocoa content—which means a luxuriously rich chocolatey taste! Our chocolates are over 50% cocoa, so you can treat yourself to a divine culinary experience while enjoying all the health benefits chocolate has to offer at the same time.


Aside from that, our combination of carefully selected high quality ingredients make ACAZEN chocolate truly one of a kind.


  • Date Powder
    We only accept the highest standard of quality for our chocolates, which is why we decided to create healthier chocolates completely free of refined sugar. Instead, ACAZEN chocolates are naturally sweetened with fibre-rich dates. We source premium caramel-flavoured dates from around the world which are then ground into a fine powder—sweetening our chocolates without compromising on nutritional value. Date powder, also known as date sugar, is incredibly nutritious and delicious, and boasts numerous health benefits. So now you can enjoy our chocolates totally guilt-free!


  • Acacia Fibre
    Another interesting ingredient you may notice as you peruse the ingredients section is acacia gum powder, or acacia fibre. If you’re familiar with ACAZEN, you’ll know that acacia fibre is amazing for your gut! Fibre feeds your good gut bacteria so they can thrive, and a healthy gut helps keep you full, stabilises your blood sugar levels, keeps your weight in check, and much more.

    Including acacia fibre in our milk chocolates means that you can enjoy a delectable chocolate experience while meeting your daily fibre goals at the same time. Also, acacia fibre is completely odourless and tasteless, so you won’t even know it’s there! 


Our unique combination of premium ingredients are a key part of what makes ACAZEN chocolate one of the first low-FODMAP certified chocolates out there. Being low-FODMAP certified means that nearly everyone can relish the luxurious experience of ACAZEN chocolate, regardless of dietary restrictions. Aside from being low-FODMAP certified, all ACAZEN chocolates are 100% organic, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

How ACAZEN Chocolate is Made

While our high quality ingredients set our chocolates apart, they’re only half the story. From start to finish, special care is devoted to every step of producing ACAZEN chocolate. 


We begin our journey in the tropical forests of South America, where we work with certified organic farms to source the finest cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru. Only the best cacao beans with a precise balance of fruity and bitter notes make it into each bar of ACAZEN chocolate. Our next stop takes us to far corners of the globe, where we search far and wide for dates that are bursting with a rich caramel flavour. Our own farms in Senegal provide the high quality acacia fibre used in our chocolates. 


Finally, our carefully selected ingredients are brought to Switzerland—the original birthplace of fine milk chocolate—where skilled chocolatiers do the magic of turning our blend of ingredients into a bar of sumptuous ACAZEN chocolate. Swiss-made chocolate is famous for its luxuriously creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The secret? Cocoa butter! Swiss-made chocolate uses a high percentage of cocoa butter delicately balanced with whole milk to achieve that elusive creamy texture and rich, lingering taste.

Nearing the end of our journey, each finished bar of ACAZEN Milk Chocolate is carefully wrapped in 100% compostable foil, which means you can add it to your home compost pile to transform it into rich organic soil. Our commitment to premium ingredients and sustainable production promises a guilt-free, divine chocolate experience you can truly feel good about. So go ahead and enjoy every bite!

Organic Fine Milk Chocolate

Organic Fine Milk Chocolate

ACAZEN organic fine milk chocolate bars are bursting with rich chocolate-y notes and hints of ripe fruit. Sweetened with whole date powder, our chocolates are naturally sweet without any refined sugar! All our chocolates are also fortified with ACAZEN fibre for an extra gut health boost.

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