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ACAZEN & Alpinia Institute

ACAZEN is a plant based soluble fibre powder made from acacia gum. It was created by Alpinia Institute of Life Sciences, our state-of-the-art research facility which is based in Switzerland. Alpinia institute, established in 2008, has been pursuing the scientific development of medicines based on plants with high therapeutic potential.
–          Throughout history and across global cultures, medicinal plants are a common denominator for care and treatment
–          So we combine this traditional knowledge with modern research methods to develop innovative healthcare products
We’ve been researching the benefits of Acacia gum for the last 15 years, determined to bring something to the market that stood out from everything else.

Where is ACAZEN from and how do we collect it?

Our farms are based in Senegal, in the Ferlo region, which cover more than 19,000 hectares (47,000 acres) of land, specialise in the sustainable cultivation of Acacia Senegal.
The way we get the product…
Usually mature trees, 4.5-6 m high and 5-25 years old, are tapped by making incisions in the branches and stripping away bark. The gum starts to collect in the wound.
Our Acacia gum is then harvested, stored, and processed in accordance with international standards

What are your environmental Benefits & CSR?

• The Acacia tree fixes nitrogen in the soil, improving soil fertility and curbing desertification
• Its root system can reach water deep below the soil surface, making it available to the tree’s immediate surroundings.
• We’ve opened medical clinics, support the infrastructure in the region and support education in the communities we work in.

Why is ACAZEN good for you?

In healthy people there is a diverse range of organisms helping us digest and absorb our food, known as your microbiome (good gut bacteria.) People with poor gut health tend to have less of our helpful gut bacteria.
Acacia gum helps to feed your good gut bacteria, which is important for good gut health.
A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, supports heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and optimum digestion.
ACAZEN is a powder that can be added into anything – without changing the colour, taste, texture or the smell. So we wanted to make something that is super easy and convenient to use, you can add ACAZEN into plain water, into tea, coffee, smoothies, but also, add into your pasta sauce, bake into bread or desserts, add it into curries or soups. There aren’t any limitations at all. 

Why is it suited to people who follow a gluten free diet?

People with coeliac disease tend to exclude fibre from their diet.
The lack of fibre intake can be problematic.
Some people with coeliac disease suffer from constipation along with other gastrointestinal problems. They often feel tired and have a lack of energy.
Fibre is useful as it promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria – like Bifidobacteria.
Acazen is a gluten free source of fibre that can be easily added to many gluten free foods and drinks. You can also take it on its own with no problems.
We have shown that it helps the good gut bacteria grow and we have tested it in a study in people with chronic constipation in Germany.
Our philosophy is to make something that is easy and fun to use.
So it’s not very thick or viscous and its easy to take.
If you like to bake bread, you will be pleased to know that it can improve the texture and softness of bread and we can share our recipes with you.

Is this a substitute for sugar?

No, our ACAZEN fibre does not have any taste so it will not sweeten anything you add it too.

How many calories in 1 tablespoon of powder?

Acazen has 19.7 calories per 10g of fibre which represents the daily recommended intake. One tablespoon (5g of fibre) has almost 10 calories.

How many carbs per serving?

Acazen contains 0 Carbs.

Can you taste the fibre in the chocolate?

No, absolutely not! ACAZEN fibre does not affect the colour, taste, texture or smell of any foods or liquids it’s added into.

Is date powder the same as date sugar?

No, in date powder we use the whole of the date (including the fibre-rich pit) and make this into a powder. Date powder has more fibre than date sugar.

How many calories per serving in the chocolates?

There are 6 servings in each bar. Each serving is 4 squares of the bar and less than100 calories. 
The calories per serving for the plain chocolate is only 74!
The calories per serving for the plain chocolate with date pieces is only 90!

Can we sell into Bulgaria?

No, we are not registered to sell into Bulgaria, but it is definitely on our list! <3

Are we available in Australia?

Not yet, but something we have in our pipeline – watch this space and follow ACAZEN for new locations!

Can Acazen fibre be offered to children?

Thank you for your question. For children we always recommend you seek a doctor/GP advice to ensure that any other factors are being taken into account (e.g. any health issues, allergies etc.).