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More about Acacia Fibre Powder

From Seed to Harvest with Utmost Care

Our Acacia Fibre Powder

Where is it from?

Acacia Senegal, also called “Arabic Gum” or Acacia fibre is impressively robust and has an enormously beneficial effect on the environment. Its gum is known for its positive effects on human health and well-being. We’ve harnessed it to create Acacia Fibre powder – a totally plant based soluble powder that ensures you get your daily fibre easily and conveniently by being able to add it to any food or drink without affecting the taste, texture, smell or colour. ACAZEN, for a #GoodGutFeeling.

We have around 19,000 of farmland in the Senegal, in the Ferlo region – we ensure quality ingredients as soon as the seed is sown.

From Seed to Tree

Acacia Senegal, or Acacia fibre powder, is propagated by seeds from its pods, which are harvested by hand from December to February, then sorted and carefully dried.

Before sowing the seeds, they are first soaked in sulfuric acid and then briefly in water to break seed dormancy. After germinating, the seedlings are raised for three months before being planted in August during the rainy season. All of this is done at our own farms in Senegal, where we ensure sustainable farming.


Harvested by Hand

After having oozed from the tree, the resin hardens on the bark, forming coarse granules that are collected manually and prepared for further processing by our workers. Five weeks after “tapping”, the first yield of acacia gum (gum arabic) is harvested by hand. As this type of extraction does no permanent damage to the acacias, the same tree can yield acacia gum several times a year.

The First Harvest

Five years after planting the tree, the resin, known as acacia gum or gum arabic, is harvested for the first time. As soon as the tree starts shedding its leaves, the gum resin is obtained either by “tapping” it by hand or naturally:

Because of the rough climate, the tree’s bark can crack open naturally and secrete resin. When the tree is “tapped”, the bark is stripped from it by hand, creating a wound or scar where the resin can collect.


Highest Quality Only

Acacia gum is harvested by hand on our fields, carefully cleaned, and dried using standardized, hygienic methods.

This method guarantees the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, ensuring our product’s top quality. Additionally, our acacia gum is certified organic by CERTISYS, an inspection and certification body specializing in organic products.

Both harvesting and subsequent sorting and processing of our acacia gum powder is always done with utmost care and exclusively by hand. This allows us to closely monitor the quality of our raw material, before it arrives to our customer.

Organic Acacia Fibre Powder (300g Can)

100% plant-based high-fibre dietary supplement. Acacia gum contains essential plant fibres that contribute to the daily recommended dose of fibre, supporting a healthy diet.

Tasteless & Convenient

Tasteless & Convenient

Add it to any food or drink

No Animal Ingredients

No Animal Ingredients

100% Plant based fibre

Clinically Tested

Clinically Tested

With great results for digestion