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Acacia Gum: The Gift that Just Keeps Giving

From being used in traditional medicine to paint-making, acacia gum has practically endless uses! In this article, we’ll go over the many health benefits acacia gum has to offer.

What is It?

Acacia gum—also known as acacia fibre or gum arabic—is the hardened resin of the acacia tree. Harvesting acacia gum starts with “tapping” the tree so that the sap oozes out. The sap then hardens into little granules that are collected by hand. Check out our webpage to learn more about the harvesting process!


Acacia fibre has been used in many traditional medicine systems going back thousands of years. For instance, acacia fibre was used in Ancient Egypt to help with pain relief [1]. It was also used as a glue and as a binding agent in inks and paints. Today, acacia fibre is commonly used in the food industry as a food additive due to its stabilising and emulsifying properties

The Benefits of Acacia Fibre

As its name indicates, acacia fibre is a type of fibre, which means that the human body can’t digest it. However, acacia fibre is 89% soluble fibre, which makes it a highly effective prebiotic! Read on to learn what this means for your health. 


1. It supports your gut health.
Dietary fibre has long been associated with improved gut health [2], yet many typical Western diets continue to be very low in fibre [3]. As an example, over 90% of people in the UK are fibre-deficient [4]! This is exactly where acacia gum can help, as it’s entirely made up of fibre. So, regular consumption of an acacia gum supplement such as ACAZEN can go a long way towards improving your gut health!


2. It feeds your friendly gut bacteria.
As mentioned, acacia gum is a prebiotic soluble fibre, which means that it feeds your good gut bacteria to keep them healthy and thriving. Why is that important? Well, numerous studies have shown that a healthy gut microbiome is key to overall health and strong immunity [5].


3. It stabilises blood sugar levels.
Dietary fibre has a well known stabilising effect on blood sugar levels [6], and acacia fibre is no exception. Acacia fibre is hypoglycemic, which means it reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the body [7], [8]


4. It helps with healthy weight management.
As a high quality dietary fibre, acacia fibre helps you maintain a healthy weight. This is because dietary fibre (especially soluble fibre) both helps you feel more full after eating and reduces fat absorption in the small intestine [9]


5. It supports your cardiovascular health.
Dietary fibre such as acacia fibre is associated with better cardiovascular health [10]. This may be in part due to the anti-inflammatory effect of fibre, as lower levels of chronic inflammation are linked with better cardiovascular health and better overall health in general [11].


6. It’s good for the environment!
This one’s kind of a bonus benefit, though it’s just as important as acacia fibre’s many health benefits! Acacia trees are amazing for the environment, as they increase soil fertility and health, improve water retention of the soil, and provide natural habitat for many species [12]. Gut health is at the root of overall health, and in many ways, gut health starts in the soil [14]. This means that acacia’s fibre’s ecological benefits also translate to better human health!


Want to take advantage of all the benefits acacia gum has to offer? You may be interested in ACAZEN, Alpinia’s 100% plant-based, odourless and tasteless acacia gum fibre supplement.

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Your gut's new best friend.

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