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Discover our range of products using ACAZEN acacia fibre for a #GoodGutFeeling

Naturally sweetened with dates

Organic Fibre Chocolate

Organic Fine Milk Chocolate-with-pieces-2

Simple, Easy & Convinient

No change to taste, colour or texture of your food and drinks


Support your immunity

ACAZEN Plus - Acacia Fibre with Vitamin C & Calcium


From starters to desserts!

Discover our amazing recipes


Acacia Gum from the Ferlo Region in Northern Senegal

To obtain high-quality acacia gum for our ACAZEN product line, our group started growing acacias in the Ferlo region in Senegal in 1999.

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We ensure that we are respectful to nature and the environment that we work in. Read more about our initiatives here.

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More about our Acacia Fibre Powder

Acacia gum has been around thousands of years, and we’ve optimised this age-old secret in our state-of-the-art lab to make it even more effective for you. We’ve been researching the benefits of Acacia gum for the last 15 years, determined to bring something to market that stood out from everything else. Acacia gum feeds and nourishes your good gut bacteria, which is vital for good gut health.

You won't notice but your gut sure will

Our soluble powder, unlike others, can be added to both hot and cold liquids and used in any recipe. This means you can add it to your morning coffee, cook it into your pasta sauce for dinner or bake it into your favourite dessert. What makes it stand out? Well, the fact that it doesn’t stand out at all. ACAZEN won’t affect the colour, taste or texture of your food or drink, so you get all the fibre goodness without having to even think about it.

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